GenerLink Journey


GenerLink Size

The GenerLink transfer switch comes in two sizes: 30A & 40A. The 30A GenerLink can handle an input from generators up to 8,500 continuous watts, while the 40A GenerLink can handle input from generators up to 10,000 continuous watts. To see if your generator is compatible with the GenerLink or to find a Generator that is compatible with a unit, Click Here

Plug Type

The GenerLok cable comes with one of the following plugs to connect the unit with your generator. L14-20 & L14-30 plugs are applicable with the 30A GenerLink while the L14-30 & 14-50 plugs are applicable with the 40A GenerLink.

Cord Length

The GenerLink comes with a GenerLok cord with the unit to connect to your portable generator. The standard cord length that the GenerLink comes with is a 20' cord, and can be upgraded to 40' or 60' lengths. Additional lengths are available to special order, to inquire about these lengths please Contact us.

Surge Protection

The GenerLink comes with the option to add a 75kA per phase surge protector with an audible alarm to protect your appliances and other electronics from surges that pass through the unit.